1. Confession #1 

    I sleep with my cameras, books, sketchpad, photo album, markers, and all other things..

    Confession # 2 

    I drew that little bear riding a cloud and wrote “I’m wandering the elysian fields. I’m free.”

    Confession # 3

    I can sleep for 18 hours straight

    Confession #3 and a half

    I’m not a bear

  4. Her hair kept dancing. She breathes then scream. Free.

  5. They say this place is magical but I say the magic is in the moments we’ve spent in every place

  6. Roller coaster kind of love (at Enchanted Kingdom)

  8. Suddenly shifting paradigm #digital

  9. Photo by Adrian LapeƱa

  10. My big and stupid finger

  11. Vivitar x Color Plus 200

  12. No place like home

  13. Fine dining #nikon #film #analog #photography

  15. Russian Wednesday